New Online Employee Training Courses From KnowledgeCity Your Business Needs (April 2022 Edition)

Each and every day is a new opportunity for learning and developing, and here at KnowledgeCity, we are dedicated to providing the tools your organization needs to do just that. We consistently publish new, relevant online training courses so your employees can further develop their skill sets and help your business thrive. 

In April of 2022, we published 73 different courses on our Learning Management System!

The topics range from business courses on behavioral marketing and remote work culture to computer courses for architectural engineers and advanced web developers. No matter what industry you are in, KnowledgeCity has all of your upskilling and compliance training needs covered!


Check out the list below of all the online employee training courses we published in April.

Online Business Training Courses from April

Leadership: Risk mitigation is a strategy leadership can use to prepare for and lessen the effects of threats faced by your business. Learn how to manage risks and liabilities by analyzing your business and identifying probable risks you may encounter:

Management: Organizations continuously measure and manage their performance to remain competitive, and employees play a significant role in the performance of any organization. It’s important to measure and manage the performance of both individuals and the organization. Discover how to develop an effective performance management system, plan for future improvements, and evaluate employee contributions.

Communication Skills: KnowledgeCity published quite a few communication skills training courses last month, including courses on email communication, interacting with and communicating with senior executives, and oral communication. Which courses would be most beneficial for your workplace?


Soft Skills: Professional conduct can have a big influence on your work and the people around you. Check out these soft skills courses on how to develop a personal professionalism plan, adopt a professional demeanor, foster good habits, and contribute to the overall professionalism of your workplace. 

Business Planning: Understanding the behavior patterns in your organization can help you provide the best support possible for your employees, and by extension, your customers. Learn about the foundations of organizational behavior and its applications and relevance for your business. 

Project Management: People power projects. Their decisions and actions can mean the difference between success and failure. Do you know how to communicate with your project’s stakeholders and utilize them? Knowing how to properly manage your project’s stakeholders can make or break project outcomes.

Digital Transformation: Our workplaces have transformed dramatically over the last two years, so workplace culture and employee expectations have changed dramatically, as well. Discover best practices for remote work culture, remote work etiquette, and the new expectations of your remote employees.

Online Computer Training Courses from April

Architectural Engineering: 

  • Revit 2022: Beginner: Are you an architectural engineer in need of learning how to use Revit 2022? This newly published course will cover all the basics and will walk you through your first project using template files. This is an 8 course module that covers getting started with the application, using the interface, beginning a project, creating datum elements, creating model elements, modifying tools, creating different views, and adding annotations.

Engineering Software:

  • MATLAB: Beginner: MATLAB is a useful tool for scientists and engineers in so many different industries. This 8 course beginner module will help you get started with MATLAB. The lessons cover how to navigate the user interface, basic MATLAB syntax, matrices, operators, basic functions, data types, and scripts and debugging.

Adobe Suite:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver Advanced: Adobe Dreamweaver is a great web development tool that can simplify the design process of your website. In this 6 module course for advanced Adobe Dreamweaver users, learn how to uncover how to move further with the application and how to utilize CSS in Dreamweaver as well how to take advantage of the application’s Responsive WebDesign, using advanced coding, creating dynamic pages, and previewing and publishing your webpage. 

Data Science:

  • Clustering in Machine Learning: This intermediate, 6 module course on spectral clustering is useful for any data scientist. Learn how to analyze data clusters, K-means clustering, clustering algorithms, association rules, anomalies, and the uses and applications of clustering in machine learning.

Online Compliance Training Courses from April


  • DOT Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration subjects a motor carrier’s vehicles to several different types of inspections. If you are a driver, you’re responsible for conducting these inspections. This course covers the FMSCA regulations and best practices for pre-trip, en-route, roadside, and post-trip inspections.
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