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Safety First

At KnowledgeCity, we fully believe that safety should remain the top priority at all times. It’s with this in mind that we continue to help others learn more about safety in the workplace. As a result, we create a ton of blogs about creating contingency plans, handling conflict, and more.


Living in such a fast-moving world creates a lot of stress in the workplace. There’s no reason to add to that stress by creating an unsafe workplace to go along with that. Whether you’re looking for how to plan for a fire or deal with conflicting employees, we can help you out. For more information, scroll down below and check out our latest blog posts on the subject.


What’s the best way to teach your team about important safety procedures? The answer is simple, it’s KnowledgeCity’s comprehensive eLearning platform. With our vast library of online training courses, you’ll ensure your team is ready to handle any situation they come across.

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Why You Should Care About Office Ergonomics

By now you’ve most likely heard the phrase “Sitting is the new smoking.” Thanks to the sedentary work environments of many white-collar professions, employees lack significant amounts of mobility during the day. The reality...

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Online Learning: Is it for YOU?

Just type “online education” or “online learning” into your Internet search browser and you’ll see the same conclusion pop up everywhere: the number of people taking online courses is increasing. This makes sense, considering...

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5 Key Strategies for Handling Conflict

Few enjoy being tasked with resolving conflict and often overlook the opportunity to grow through conflict. Conflict is typically seen as something to be avoided. This is because people seldom acknowledge that conflict is...

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Managing A Crisis with Ease

I’m sure many of you have, at one point or another, had to deal with managing a crisis. Crises are inevitable; whether a small fire that gets put out quickly or an all-consuming blaze...