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Finding a Healthy Work-Life-Balance

Everyone wants a healthy work-life balance right? It makes sense when you think about it. No one wants to work all the time, but we do need to work to truly enjoy our lives. It’s this reasoning that makes us keep pumping out blogs about balancing your day job and side job, improving productivity, and getting that oh so valuable good night’s sleep.

The KnowledgeCity team believes you should be able to accomplish your personal goals when it’s most convenient for you. That’s why we want you to have all the information you can when you’re looking for some balance in life. With a few simple adjustments, you’ll become more productive and find more time in your day. So if you’re ready to find that perfect work-life balance, scroll down below for our latest blog posts.

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How to support parents who work from home 0

How to Better Support Parents Who Work From Home

When schools and daycare facilities closed during the pandemic, parents found themselves juggling work, teaching and parenting. Some of these facilities have reopened, but there still are a lot of steps that companies and HR managers can take to support remote employees who are also parents.