Multi-Tasking Tips in Today’s Busy Business World

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  1. Patty DeDominic says:

    This is a great article. Timing and Focus… two valuable secrets of high performance execution! As a business coach for some of the nations highest achievers, I know that some people really can “multitask” but never at the same moment! We can break down our days to get the most important items done first or in their proper “Season”, we can start projects, appoint champions (or even babysitters) and scrum masters and divide our oversight among key priorities. Just ask any mom who has a couple kids…. it’s never easy, but you really can be there for each one, just not at the same moment. Except in group hugs! Knowing your own skill set is key. Stay in your genius zone and surround yourself with good people as well as those who aren’t afraid to give you honest feedback. Thanks to Norman M for a great article Pattyde

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