Allison Bokone

Allison Bokone is an instructor at Miami University in Ohio for the Computer and Information Technology department, specializing in process and DevOps. Prior to teaching, Allison worked at Microsoft for 18 years as a technical writer and program manager.
Belongingness: The Antidote to Workplace Imposter Syndrome
What is Imposter Syndrome?  Imposter syndrome refers to the phenomenon of qualified, competent, proven professionals feeling like frauds, or “imposters,” who will soon be discovered as lacking the skills...
How to Create a Gender-Inclusive Workplace
Understanding Gender Inclusivity Current and prospective employees seek a true commitment to authentic diversity and gender inclusion in the workplace. They want to bring their whole selves to work...
How You Can Create Bulletproof Employee Documentation
Employee documentation is a vital part of running a business often necessary in order to remain compliant. It protects Human Resources, managers, and employees, setting both clear expectations...

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