Continued Learning: Is It Suitable for Your Career?

The Importance of Continued Learning

Most people associate learning with formal education. Formal education, in turn, usually becomes associated with a limited amount of schooling. For example, ten or twelve years of education remains the
common length of time from primary school to high school in many countries. Some people may then choose to go for additional schooling and get a university degree or a diploma. While their formal education ends here, 73 percent of adults consider themselves lifelong participants in continued learning. This has led more educationists, career counselors, and people who simply want satisfying professional and personal lives advocating the importance of continued

Continued learning is the process of learning throughout your professional life. This learning can benefit your career or progress your efforts toward a better personal life. Continued learning is often found through formal education, that is, through diploma and certifications. In contrast, some choose to learn outside the formal system of education.  Here are some of the ways you can benefit from continued learning.

How Continued Learning Can Help You

Feel More Confident

For people who feel that their current levels of skills are not enough, additional learning can help their personal development. This creates greater self-confidence, which in turn can help you professionally and in your personal life. This improved self-confidence allows some people to undertake challenging tasks with a cool mind and better outcomes.

Develop Flexibility

One of the biggest threats to your career would be the inability to change according to new situations. For example, the skills that you gained ten years ago might be outdated today, and this could lead to a situation where you find your career growth has stalled. You can develop flexibility by learning new skills. Continued learning is all about keeping pace with a changing world, and this flexibility will help you take on changing situations with ease.

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Move Out Of the Rut

Many people feel stagnant in their careers and personal life because they feel they have become too rigid. If you feel that you need some changes in your outlook and need to learn something new, continued learning is the answer. You can then look beyond your existing knowledge base and expand your horizons. You might even find some answers to questions that your existing knowledge base does not allow you to resolve.

Enjoy Your Career or Personal Life

For many people, boredom is one of the biggest difficulties they face in their careers. Continued learning offers the opportunity to explore in the event you find your career lacking personal fulfillment. You can take on more challenging roles in the workplace with the acquisition of more skills. Furthermore, you get to meet people who offer new, innovative ideas.

Finding Continued Learning Opportunities

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If you are not sure where to start on your venture of continued learning, the first step would be to take a decision to start learning new things. Learning new things requires you to possess the resolve to keep learning, whether through online resources, courses or through books. If you are ambitious in your goals, you can take a look at your goals, map a road to reaching them, or talk to people about these goals. You might reach your goal, and even if you don’t, you might learn a lot of new things.

Continued learning is about exploration, discovery and seeking new challenges. While career growth might be the major motivation for you to undertake new educational activities, the benefits for your personal growth would also be many.

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