Balancing Your Day Job and Your Passion

There is an increasing trend of employees taking up a side job, either to earn extra money or to boost career skills in a field they are passionate about. In fact, a 2019 study found that almost 45 percent of people have side jobs. The benefits of having a side gig or passion project are many, but juggling both can be a tricky process at times. Here are some tips on how to handle both without stressing yourself out:

Balancing Your Day Job and Side Job

Pick the right side job

If you wish to try a side job or devote time to a passion project without quitting your day job, it is important that you choose the best fit. Even if you want a side job for the sole purpose of earning more money, find something that you are passionate about or that makes you happy. This could be writing, making crafts, playing music, or even an additional project at work. If your side job acts as a stress buster, it will only help you juggle both jobs more efficiently and even help you be more productive. Also, try choosing something that adds value to your work life. It may either be adding career skills to your current resume or something that will help you build your career in a new field in the future.

Dedicate your office hours to the job

Do not make the mistake of working for your side gig or completing a personal project while at your day job if you want to balance the two well. Instead, ensure that during regular work hours, you are fully committed to the job. After all, this job pays your bills and is shaping your career – you do not want to build a reputation as a slacker. Focus on one thing at a time so that you can do well in both.


Develop a schedule

In order to achieve the right work-life balance, particularly when you are also juggling a passion project, time management is key. Take time to build a schedule that allows time for both without overlapping while also giving you time for rest, family time, etc. If you are feeling that handling both your job and interests is getting unmanageable, it is time you took a look at sorting priorities and building a viable schedule. Missing out on sleep and time with your loved ones is not going to help.

Leave no room for procrastination

When working a 9-5 job and handling a side job/passion project, you may at times feel like pushing away working on your side job after a long work day. While you should not overstress yourself, refrain from making procrastination a habit. Tasks will only pile up and seem impossible later. So define your goals, jot down to-do lists, and get to it. There are ways to be productive even after returning from work.

It may be writing a blog post every day, making crafts, or something else. Whatever interests you, choose to carry it on even though you have a nine-to-five job. It will only help you excel at both and be a happier, productive person. Maintaining a work-life balance is a worthy goal. Enroll in courses that can keep you happy like Employee Engagement and Work-Life Balance. Try it free.

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