Business Skills Training for Improved Team Projects

In the United States alone, $122 million out of every $1 billion invested goes to waste, due to lackluster project performance. That’s a staggering amount of money, but it might not surprise you if you’ve ever tried to lead a team project. All team leaders (and members) know the potential pain points: miscommunication, disorganization, and conflict,  to name a few. So how do we build up our teamwork muscles? One tried and true method of improving the performance of everyone during team projects is through quality business skills training.

Ensuring your team possesses the appropriate job skills is the only way to produce successful team projects on a consistent basis. Be sure to focus on these particular areas during your business skills training courses.

Business Skills Training for Team Projects

Group of people collaborating at a table, discussing ideas and working on a team project.


Even if you forsake all others, this is the most important skill to focus on. Communication is crucial when working in teams. It’s a talent you use every day, whether you’re educating staff or delivering presentations to executives, investors, employers, or clients.

Furthermore, it’s even more important if you’re leading a group project. According to Harvard Business Review, poor communication is one of the main factors for slowing down productivity.

Whether you’re leading a team or not, possessing communication skills remains a valuable business trait.

Conflict Resolution

Even with top-notch communication skills, confrontations are bound to arise in any workplace. In fact, 62 percent of workers reported being treated rudely at work.

Moreover, the typical manager spends roughly 18 percent of his or her time each week dealing with these conflicts. That’s a huge amount of lost productivity, which may go to show that not every conflict requires manager intervention.


organized work desk with journal and sticky notes

Disorganization costs us time, which costs our businesses money. Just consider that humans spend an average of 16 minutes to almost an hour each day looking for lost items.

Beyond helping you keep track of your keys, polishing your organizational skills will give you an edge as an effective team project leader or member. Business skills training focused on organization will enable you to see the big picture, consider challenges that might sabotage your timeline, and urge you to have contingency plans in place.

Technical Documentation

One aspect that often goes overlooked in team projects is proper documentation. You might be picturing piles of paper and filing cabinets but this is hardly the case today.

Thanks to modern tools like online project management programs, you can forgo the papercuts for digital documentation. It might not sound like exciting work, but keeping a record of technical documentation that outlines the functionality of the product under development is paramount to a successful team project.

Courses to Improve Business Skills

Looking to Build a Successful Team at your organization? Visit KnowledgeCity for all the business skills development training courses you need to The Art of Team Building.

Be sure to reach out to our team to request a Free Demo and get access to our full library of eLearning courses.

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