Top 3 Methods of Resolving Workplace Conflict

Myers-Briggs Company workplace conflict study found that the majority of employees deal with conflict. In fact, 85 percent of employees deal with conflict to some degree. As if that statistic wasn’t glaring enough, a significant 29 percent claim they “frequently” or “always” deal with workplace conflicts. The study further found that employees spends roughly 2.1 hours every week dealing with some level of conflict. This adds up to a complete work day every month, making the prospect of resolving workplace conflict efficiently extremely appealing.


Top 3 Methods of Resolving Workplace Conflict

No matter what you do, workplace conflicts will occur. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to better address the situation. So, here are our top three methods of resolving workplace conflict.

1. Set ground rules

One of the most utilized methods for resolving workplace conflict lies at the beginning of the resolution process. Setting appropriate ground rules offers all parties a reference source to guide a productive resolution. These ground rules may be the key to minimizing any disputes that may surface throughout the workday.

Listed below are examples of ground rules you may want to consider implementing into your conflict resolution process:

  • Stay calm at all times and encourage everyone to allow one person to speak at a time.
  • Truly listen to the concerns of the other person.
  • Emphasize the importance of focusing on the issues, not the people involved.

Putting specific rules in place may be the ideal way to not just address specific conflicts but to prevent these issues from happening regularly.

2. Finding Multiple Solutions

One of the best strategies for resolving workplace conflict is to have each party identify multiple solutions for addressing the issue. By taking the time to identify multiple resolutions, all parties involved in the conflict can look at a variety of different options and pull in different strategies in order to arrive at a compromise.

Taking time to not only tell your side of the story but listening to your co-worker’s take on the situation is important when it comes to resolving workplace conflict. Consequently, it’s critical to not only hear what this individual is saying but to understand their concerns.

3. Identify the Situation as an Opportunity

Finally, the most efficient method of resolving workplace conflict is to use the situation as an opportunity to improve business. Assuming the conflict stems from a professional difference, the employees are likely arguing over how they can best deliver for the company.

So, take a moment and realize that everyone has the same goal in mind – improving the company. Take this opportunity to find the optimal way to improve the situation so that everyone can come out of this conflict in a better situation than before. It may be difficult, but putting forth the extra effort into creating an opportunity from the situation can boost overall work efficiency.

Creating an Enjoyable Work Environment

You can have an enjoyable work environment by learning the ideal methods to reduce and handle conflicts of all types. Take time to visit Knowledge City today to assist your Conflict Management skills and better understand how to be a leader in Problem Solving!

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