6 Benefits of Having Compliance Training Online

Compliance and return-on-investment (ROI) are daily operational factors in almost every industry. Consequently, it’s critical that your employee training hits the mark in these areas to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Moving your compliance training online helps you stay on top of the latest learning & development technologies and development. Furthermore, compliance in the cloud helps keep employees engaged and motivated by allowing them to customize their learning schedule and pace to meet their needs. It allows you to have more control over cost, quality, tracking and training, as a whole.

compliance training online

From increasing your bottom line, training efficiency and employee engagement to decreasing training time and cost, the benefits of moving compliance training online only continue to grow as organizations become more integrated with the cloud.

1. Easily Set and Maintained Training Standards

Shifting your compliance training online allows for you to maintain content, quality and standards regardless of how large or fast-growing your organization is. You’re also able to immediately push out policy changes, new training content and updates for instant adoption throughout the company. Furthermore, having your compliance training in the cloud provides constant documentation of training efforts, standards and enforcement.

2. Microlearning

If you’re in the learning & development (L&D) field, then you’ve likely heard of microlearning. It is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools in the L&D arsenal for topics that are inherently less engaging like compliance training. Microlearning is a targeted learning content delivery method that provides learners with information in small, easily digestible chunks. Rather than classroom lectures for hours on end, learners can access content minutes or lessons at a time. For example, check out this video on FERPA compliance and note how much of the content you retain.

You probably remember most of what you just watched and had no problem with paying attention due to short duration. This content is especially effective online so that learners can control what and when they’re learning on their own devices.

3. Notification, Tracking and Deadline Automation

Taking compliance training online allows your team to manage their own progress. You can also set-up automation for notifications to employees when deadlines are approaching so that you don’t have to chase them down and discuss what needs to be done. This is particular critical in compliance training where employees need to meet certain training requirements to satisfy federal laws. This also allows leaders to track employee progress, completion, performance and feedback during training without any manual data entry or face-to-face evaluations.

4. Cost Control

First off, online training negates a great deal of the administrative and logistical time suckers that go along with traditional employee training. Also, those who normally administer training only need to work with your provider to get the ball rolling. Once training is up and running online, they can tend to other work functions while simply monitoring progress.

Furthermore, ongoing costs with online employee training are significantly lower than classroom training.

5. Offsite Learning

Increasingly, organizations need to function outside of a single environment. Consequently, your training needs to allow for this as well. Having compliance training online allows employees who work in the field, at home, or frequently attend conferences to continue meeting legal compliance requirements.

6. Increased Learning Engagement

Formal learning is generally passive and simply does not work as well as active learning. Being accountable for accessing, completing and staying up-to-date with compliance training online means that employees already actively engaging in the content from the start. Furthermore, most eLearning is interactive by nature, so this engagement continues throughout training so that retention levels improve. Furthermore, online training is able to be more visually engaging and dynamic than traditional lectures. Check out this video and note how the graphics and visual aids contribute to the learning experience.

No, try to envision receiving the exact same information but without the visual aids. It’s not nearly as engaging, right?

Next Steps

Even though compliance training offers unique challenges for L&D, these benefits aren’t unique to compliance and can be applied across your entire training program. As with anything though, getting started is usually the hardest part. However, online training providers, like KnowledgeCity, have the resources and expertise to get you going. From an extensive learning library with 13,000+ video tutorials in business, computers, compliance, safety and finance to an easy-to-use, powerful learning management system (LMS), you can jump start your training program and begin saving money immediately. Or, you can take KnowledgeCity’s training content and integrate it with your own software with SCORM packages. Once you’re up and running, KnowledgeCity also offers custom content creation so that you can create a truly personalized experience for your staff and maximize your training ROI.

Does your organization have low engagement? Is your training flat-lining? Looking to empower employees to be in control of their professional development? Online training may have the answers you’re looking for.

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