5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Employee engagement remains one of the primary factors that help determine workplace productivity and, ultimately, the success of a business. Unfortunately, less than 50 percent of  Americans are engaged by their work. While this number has risen over the past few years, there still exists a need to find ways increase overall employee productivity.

Employee engagement refers to being actively involved and taking on tasks with enthusiasm at work. The results of this poll indicate more than half of all workers are not engaged in their work and not as productive as they could be. As a manager, this means you need to learn how to increase employee productivity by changing the attitudes of your employees.

5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

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1. Show Respect

Regardless of position or job title, it is absolutely necessary to treat employees as professionals and avoid belittling them. A little respect goes a long way in increasing employee productivity. When employees feel as though they are listened to and that management respects their work, they are more likely to go above and beyond.

2. Be Supportive

A manager who scoffs at an employee’s request for a newer, faster computer or becomes angered when an employee needs to leave early for a medical appointment will experience significant shortfalls when it comes to employee engagement. Employees are human beings who desire support when they are having job difficulties or need more flexibility in their schedules. By supporting your employees, you build goodwill, which increases employee productivity.man and woman shaking hands and smiling

3. Recognize Employees

Recognition is a powerful tool – even more so than money, in some cases. Employees like hearing that they did a good job, as it validates the work they do. Therefore, don’t hold back. Be sure to recognize employees when warranted. As a result, they’ll gain an ego boost and are more likely to stay productive to receive future recognition.

4. Encourage Peer Relationships

Peer relationships are critical to the modern work experience Nearly 90 percent of workers ascribe high levels of importance to the connection between work relationships and quality of life. Having lots of friends in the workplace makes employees less likely to leave the company as well.

As a manager, you need to use this information to your advantage. So, offer opportunities that allow employees to connect with each other.

Some fun ways to encourage employee camaraderie include:

  • Have everyone meet in the lunch room for a themed lunch on a weekly basis
  • Allow extended lunches regularly
  • Plan outings at local parks and restaurants
  • Hold happy hours after workbusiness man and woman outside with laptop

5. Learning and Development Programs

Studies show a positive relationship between continued employee learning and development and increased productivity. In fact, an IBM study on the value of training and development revealed that a skilled workforce yields a 10 percent increase in productivity. Furthermore, a well-trained workforce can lead to higher employee retention rates and large annual savings for the organization.

Learn More

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