3 Steps to Delegate Effectively to Strengthen Your Team

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” It’s no secret that many business leaders struggle with delegation. And with good reason. Delegating involves a certain level of trust and loss of control that doesn’t come naturally. However, learning to delegate effectively is critical to your success as a leader and necessary for continued business growth.  If your organization can’t survive without you for a day or two, then it’s not going to survive whether you’re there or not.

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Here are 3 steps to delegate effectively for the sake of your sanity and organization.

Consider Your Hiring Practices

You need to be vigilant in filling vacancies in your organization with the most qualified people possible. First, this requires instituting hiring practices that attract top talent. Second, you need to get over any insecurities you may have over potentially hiring your replacement. A team of smart and talented people will only elevate you. Furthermore, if you can trust these employees to take charge, then you have more time and energy to focus on strategic measures. Also, success attracts success. This means that you will continue to attract more and more amazing talent that want to be a part of what you are creating.

Communicate Clearly

You need to clearly define goals, objectives and expectations to current employees for general workflow and specific projects. Keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce to make sure they have the equipment and training they need to be successful. You can begin with an open dialogue to let your team know they can come to you if they don’t have what they need to perform up to expectations. Ensure that your team is actively involved in the ongoing dialogue towards optimizing output.

Empower Talented People

It is imperative to delegate effectively. If you’re hiring amazing people and not empowering them to use their talent to further the organization, they will feel like your organization is just a job or stepping stone rather than a rewarding career. Smart, talented and motivated people generally want to succeed, grow and advance. It’s up to you to make sure that they can do this with you. If you don’t empower them to help your business grow, they may eventually outgrow your organization. This means that you could find yourself giving amazing talent to your competition, while you have to start at square one with a new hire.

When you delegate effectively, you create the opportunity for business growth and empower your employees to have a rich and rewarding work life filled with promise. In turn, by empowering others, you are fueling your own growth as the leader of a dynamic and successful team.

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