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Why is Marketing important for business?  According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, The Importance of Marketing for the Success of a Business, Marketing is the heart of business success.  Marketing is essential to business growth. An understanding of Business Marketing and relationship building is crucial for delivering a company’s values and mission, defining and “speaking” to the target audience, and establishing a strong customer base.

Infographic illustrating various channels of distribution, including internet, social media, app, multichannel marketing, webshop, and print.

Marketing vs. Advertising

Advertising is only a small part of marketing.  Marketing encompasses: defining the product, the manner and strategy of sales, conducting market research, manufacture and distribution logistics, public relations, customer support and, yes, advertising.  Marketing is about building a relationship between an organization and its consumer.

Company Reputation

The success or failure of all business rests on the foundation known as Reputation.  Marketing helps companies communicate with their targeted audiences.  It is a way to convey the values and mission of the company.  It sets an expectation that will be delivered to the consumer and when the expectation is met or exceeded—reputation and business grows.

Find what Works

Sounds simple enough, but it requires forethought and strategy.  There are many ways to market and while testing the marketing waters, you will not only build a social asset for your business, but you will discover what really works for your business, as well as where to invest your time and money.

Ready to become a Marketing Guru? Give our Marketing courses a try!

Marketing Strategies introduces the core concepts of marketing including strategy, ethical and legal concerns, the marketing mix, and more. This course gives you the opportunity to examine marketing from multiple perspectives, providing a comprehensive view of the industry.  Marketing Principles explores the current ways in which marketers conduct customer research and identify customer needs.  This course can teach you how to locate your target market and promote your organization’s product or service.

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