11 Steps To A Healthier Workplace

On average, professionals spend about a third of their time at work. Consequently, work habits are lifestyle habits and can be hazardous to your long-term health. So, it is critical to make sure you are cultivating work habits that are not only healthy for your organization’s goals but also your wellness. Furthermore, healthier people are more productive so taking care of yourself translates into caring for your business. It is never too late to work on a better you, starting with a healthier workplace.

1. Clean The Air

If your workplace allows, use air purifiers or green plants like a succulent, to clean the air in your work environment. Research shows that fresh air has tangible health and mood benefits. One study indicated fresh aromas can lead to higher creativity and productivity. However, one word of caution – if you go the plant route, make sure to choose plants that don’t require much maintenance.


2. Move Around

If you work at a desk, chances are you spend the better part of eight to nine hours each day seated. Sitting at a desk may seem like the safest of work circumstances, but it can still be harmful to your health. This can cause shoulder issues, cervical pain and spine alignment. You still must work to make ends meet but there are alternative options, so you do not harm your health. For example, an adjustable desk provides the option of sitting and standing as you complete tasks. Overall, spend less of your time sitting by taking standing breaks, walking the office, or incorporating mini-workouts throughout the day.  

3. Personalize Your Workspace

Create a personal space that inspires your spirit and contributes to a positive atmosphere. Your work may limit the amount of personal flair you can add to your workspace. If you are unable to completely transform your space, try adding personal touches to the environment. A figurine from a past vacation or a memorable picture to display creates a warm, comfortable and calm space where you can be your best working self.

4. Add A Mini Zen Garden

Zen gardens use rocks and sand to recreate the essence of nature. A mini garden can be essential to a healthier workplace. This will help you align goal attainment with a more holistic, positive approach. Plus, they are an eye-catching design to add to your workspace.

5. Eat Healthier When You Work

Considering bringing your lunch to work? Spend less of your paycheck eating out and more on saving. Aside from the money you save it can also help improve healthy eating habits. Preparing your lunch the night before is a great way to ensure your meal is full of nutrients. Whether you bring your lunch or decide to eat out make sure to eat balanced portions of fruits and veggies. High-calorie meals can lead to increased fatigue throughout the day. Opt for the healthier choice and return to the office feeling more energized to produce great work!

Also, say no to the office kitchen temptations. Consider bringing unsalted nuts, Greek yogurt, low-fat cheese, whole grain crackers, unbuttered popcorn, fruit or raw vegetables to the office. Stock up your desk drawer or the office fridge so nutritious food is handy.

6. Utilize Your Lunch Hour

Work can be hectic at times, but it is important to make time for lunch. Eating at the same time keeps your metabolism on track. Boost your mealtime satisfaction by giving yourself 15 to 20 minutes to eat each meal, taking deep breaths while you eat, turn off portable devices and focus on what you are eating. You can use this extra “you” time to meditate, go for a walk, work ahead on projects, workout, nap or just relax.

7. Fix Your Posture

Your posture contributes to workplace performance. The leading cause of back pain is hunching over your computer. Set timers on your phone to remember to stretch in the morning and afternoon. Or invest in a chair that corrects posture, for example, a yoga ball.

8. Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Allowing employees to bring their dogs to work reduced job stress and boosted employee satisfaction according to a study. The owners and the employees who came in contact with the animals reported less stress, as well.

Don’t miss out on national ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ on June 22!

9. Adjust Lighting

Fatigue, dry eyes, bad lighting or how you sit in front of the screen can cause eye related issues. Try not to stare at the computer screen all day. Take little breaks and focus your eyes on an object for 10 seconds. Or try to sit by a window for the natural lighting.

10. Keep Your Workspace Clean

It is extremely important to keep your workstation clean and orderly. Tidy it up five minutes before leaving for the day so that you return to a neat workspace the next morning. Keep sanitizing wipes handy and use them to wipe the surface of your desk often.

11. Music to Enhance Focus

With all the distractions in today’s world, it can be challenging to maintain focus. Email, social media and employee messaging can make it difficult to zero in your attention on a single task. Fortunately, there are habits to help enhance your ability to focus and concentrate. One of the easier and more enjoyable habits you can develop is simply listening to music. Experts reveal that listening to music can enhance work productivity. For example, classical music has been shown to increase focus.

So, start embracing change and try out these 11 Steps to see what works best for your workspace.

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