Monthly Archive: August 2015

Customer surveys are one way to help improve customer relations 0

How to Improve Customer Relations

While customer relationships are the core of business, it’s a responsibility often left to the most inexperienced members of a team. It will make no difference how state-of-the-art your product is, if your team...

Company culture word cloud image with hi-res rendered artwork that could be used for any graphic design. 0

Five Ways to Improve Company Culture

Company culture dictates what the day-to-day work life of your employees is like within your company. It is how your company’s vision and mission statement translate to the work environment. It includes how leaders...

ABC's of Organization To-Do List 4

The ABC’s of Organization

Ever have a day, week, or month where you just feel so overwhelmed that you can’t seem to get anything done? It can feel like important tasks are slipping through the cracks and you...